5. Putting It All Together

The next step was assembling all of the pieces into a “flyable” X-Plane airport. I used the X-Plane World Editor to place the 3-D models into the proper location.

I used the “stitched-together” georeferenced aerial image as a base layer in World Editor. This allowed to to positon the buildings extremely accurately. (You can see a bit of that referenced image in the lower-left corner of the first image. It shows the Queen of the Rosary Academy in Amityville.)

Zahn's Airport UNICOM frequency
Zahns Unicom – 122.8

All of the Zahns runways and taxiways were also added in this manner.

Next, the CTAF and other frequencies were added to the model.

Additional Scenery

I also added a number of familar landmarks that many Zahns pilots had used.

The Northport Stacks

Albany Avenue Water Tower

1970s-era photo of the N-S runway at Zahn's Airport. The water tower is on the horizon.
Vintage photo of the water tower (on the horizon, right of center)

Queen of the Rosary Academy

Sunrise Drive-In Theatre

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